Follow us on twitter @OVLMagazine Find us on Facebook OVL Magazine 37 IN-FLIGHT SKIN CARE A little pre-departure thought will make your journey much more enjoyable. Most of your skin care favourites will offer convenient travel sizes, so let’s look at the carry-on essentials and in-flight care. CLEANSER: Start by removing your make-up. Forget the hassle of the tiny loo - stay in your seat with a handy cleanser, such as a micellar water, that requires only a tissue or a cotton wool pad. SKIN HYDRATING BOOSTER: Hydration is one of the most critical aspects to maintain our skin and hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring component of our skin. So boost this with a travel-size hydrator containing hyaluronic acid - modern formulations enable deep hydration which will also help to smooth fine lines and quench dry spots. And before landing, use around your eyes for a quick ‘brighten up’! BOOZE: Alcohol is a diuretic and is very dehydrating. If you are able to resist the temptation, save the alcohol for your arrival and opt instead for water during your flight. Swap coffee for herbal tea too. AT YOUR DESTINATION Packing your favourite products will ensure that you can look after your skin while you are away. Make sure you take plenty if you are holidaying in the sun as your complexion may need extra attention. SKIN CARE: Be aware that the heat and humidity can aggravate skin conditions resulting in dryness, prickly heat, blocked pores and breakouts. As boring as it may be, the usual advice holds true - drink lots of water, exfoliate and moisturise! SUN CREAM: Wear a good sunscreen throughout your holiday and make sure you reapply every two hours or after swimming. Sun Protection Factor (SPF) is a measure of how well a sunscreen will protect skin from UVB rays. The sun emits two different types of ultraviolet radiation - UVA and UVB. The former penetrates deep into the skin, while UVB rays are shorter, burning the surface. With this in mind choose a high protection SPF to prevent burning and premature ageing. MAKE-UP: You may find that your usual foundation is a little heavy while on holiday. If so, opt for a light powder or tinted moisturiser instead. And, for day-wear, consider investing in a waterproof mascara and a lipstick with SPF. And my most important tip? Enjoy yourself! A s we prepare for those well-deserved and long-awaited holidays, the salon is busy with the most requested holiday treatments such as manicures, pedicures and waxing. But it’s also important to address your skincare needs. Both sunshine and heat are likely to affect your complexion but travel itself has a significant impact on how our skin behaves too. That climb up the steps to the aeroplane will take your skin into a world of recycled air, zero humidity and fluctuating temperatures. Most of us are well aware that the lack of space to move around triggers fluid retention in the ankles, stiff joints and puffy eyes. However, it’s also worth remembering that the pressurised environment of a plane will suck moisture from your skin, leaving you vulnerable to dehydration, cracked lips and extra-dry hands.