Are you finding life especially difficult right now? Feeling ‘stuck’, unfulfilled, or burnt out? Struggling to cope with life’s challenges or long-term health problems? Living with chronic pain, fatigue, low mood, anxiety, or other problems that are stopping you from living a full and meaningful life? There is no need to face these problems alone. Sometimes, we have periods in life when it’s hard to see a way out, when we don’t know who to turn to, or we feel unable to tell friends and family how we really feel. Speaking in confidence to a psychology professional with the right expertise can help to find a way to cope and improve your life. Dr Roseanna Brady is a highly respected chartered health psychologist working in private practice, registered with the British Psychological Society and the Health and Care Professions Council. Data Privacy Policy is available on request. Dr Roseanna Brady Chartered Health Psychologist Bridges Clinic - Bedford Hospital NHS Trust T: 07951368622 E: