T he AA has recently launched a device that claims to predict vehicle breakdowns before they happen. Called Car Genie, it’s a device that plugs right into the socket all modern cars have inside – usually beneath the dash. Car Genie then reads the vehicle’s EOBD (European On-Board Diagnostics) system in real-time and broadcasts the information to the dedicated app, which is free on iOS and Android. Unlike a simple data-logger, the AA believes it will enable them to anticipate up to a third of breakdowns and let you know in advance. “We’ve been analysing the fault codes that come from the device and the breakdowns that the connected members have had,” said the AA’s Gareth Adams, “and in about 38% of cases we could see that there was a fault code directly related to that breakdown. What we can see, based on our experience and information that we’ve got from the trial, is that if certain fault codes on certain vehicles aren’t addressed, they’ll lead to a breakdown within a short period of time.” Car Genie detects standard sensor faults such as degrading battery health, problems with the ignition coil and failing exhaust gas recirculation, and tells users to act on them. As the app flags up issues both in technical terms and user-friendly language, the AA says it can also help prevent people from being ripped off by rogue mechanics – you will know what’s wrong before you go to the garage. According to the AA, 49% of the 10,000 participants in their trial said they now have a better understanding of car issues. Hold on – doesn’t that mean more than half of those who were interested enough to volunteer to trial the gadget got nothing out of it..? Oops! Car Genie costs £29 per year. Is it worth it? I don’t know… yet. But I’ve got my paws on one so I shall give it a try and report back… Do you have one? If so please let me know what you think. S ince the French gave us the word entrepreneur we should probably take their business vehicles seriously. After all, when the Germans gave us the word bratkartoffeln, we gave it straight back to them… So for entrepreneurs seeking a mobile office, or simply folk wanting spacious and luxurious family transport, take a look at Citroen’s sublime Space Tourer. And while I didn’t take this leather-lined ride all the way to the stars, I was certainly impressed by the air-conditioned smooth comfort as we wafted along smoothly and quietly, the refined and powerful motor and seamless automatic gearbox making light of the traffic and the DAB sound-system cosseting my ears with – er - TalkSport… just ask me anything about the building trade, I’ve heard all the adverts! And when I arrived early at my destination I slipped into the second of the three rows of seats, folded down the little desk and caught up on a bit of writing. Cool. With prices starting at £229 a month subject to status it’s maybe worth thinking outside the box and considering a different option before you buy yet another dull MPV. If all that the space makes you worry about likely fuel consumption, I was getting 40+ mpg – and the massive tank allowed around 500 miles before I needed to fuel up! Car Genie Predicts Breakdowns To The Moon & Back in the Space Tourer!