66 Please remember to mention OVL when responding to adverts with Howard Parker, the Astro-guide IN THE STARS August is the time for shining, when Leo rules and the harvest ripens with the sun. It ends on 23 August when Virgo reminds us that we need to get in shape for the autumn. I can help you gain a deep insight into what the most important issues will be for you during this period by examining your own astrological birth chart. Please go to www.astroguidance.co.uk to book a session. You can also call me on 07866 727743 or email me at howpark@aol.com for more information Horoscopes Leo jul24-aug23 You might feel that you are having a moment of personal destiny as you enter August but the full moon will caution you to rein in that ego of yours and reach outwards to others. You will feel the benefits of any acts of generosity mid-month, and later, when the results of this cause you to come up with rather more community minded ideas and new projects that will improve the lives of others. Virgo aug24-sep23 Try to find some time to reflect on what suits you best when it comes to partners. It’s about being realistic about what works for your personality. Virgos tend to like order, organisation, knowing where you stand above the more unpredictable aspects of having a partner so maybe Hollywood dreams of glamour and excitement are not for you these days? Autumn is your time so use the new moon on 10 September to get going with your new agenda. Libra sep24-oct23 Opportunities to shine in your social circle are highlighted this month, which may lead to relationship opportunities as Venus moves into your sign mid August. Of course, it might just be an affair but hey, it’s sunny and warm so have fun and enjoy your indecision! You can sort out the consequences later when September gives you a chance to sit back and consider. Scorpio oct24-nov22 You may be looking to make some changes in your home as well as your work life. At its most extreme, you might be desperate for change – any change – so look out for the signs to guide you over the coming months as it is not going to be clear for a while what exactly will work best for you. Venus and the new moon combined just after 10 September might be worth noting. Sagittarius nov23-dec22 Action and freedom are what motivates you now but one of those cosmic ironies is that what you think you want is not what you get, so there will be some learning required as you adjust to things s’mores not being what you expected. Convoluted? Well, yes, but we never learn anything by getting too comfortable, as you will learn in September. Capricorn dec23-jan20 There are some good opportunities for solid progress with your ambitions in August. As you have learnt, sure footedness gets there in the end. This may not be the end, though, as mid August enables you to formulate amended (probably financial) plans that will take you that next step forward. The new moon on 10 September is well aspected for taking a big strong step in the direction you know you should go.