Flavour of the Times If you are hoping for substantial progress on Brexit – don’t! So many planets appear to be moving backwards in the sky at the moment that we can expect more disruption, arguments, tensions and lack of resolution. The cosmos takes a long-term view of human progress so all we can do is float with it and wait to see possible clues about where it is all leading. There’s many a trick of the tail left in all this. On a personal level, this will also be true but these are days when we can all grow to understand ourselves a little better. This is, paradoxically, best achieved through failing to get what we think we want and learning to just be comfortable with who we are. This will be boring to some but others may find that, actually, it suits them quite well, being let off the hook of all that striving. That’s not to say don’t do anything, but it just means you do what you can to move things forward and leave the rest to fate. The summer ends with the sun going into Virgo on 23 August; the hot weather often breaks then and of course Virgo, with her sheaves of wheat, the fruits of the harvest, makes us get organised for the autumn and winter. Aquarius jan21-feb19 How much of what you do for others is actually driven by your own ego? I ask because the August Sun in Leo emphasises the ego and Aquarius is about improving the lot of humanity. So the point is to think about how these two apparently opposite things can be brought together harmoniously. You may feel inhibited by the influence of September’s Virgo-ness but it’s just work and you’ve got to do it. So do it! Pisces feb20-mar20 Are you a bit of a fish out of water in the hot glare of the summer sun? Perhaps, but if you swim deep enough it will be cooler and you will probably catch the drift of where things are going down there in the murky depths. August encourages you to let go and see where the tide wants to take you even if September says it’s time to be a bit more detached and take stock of the way your life is changing. Aries mar21-apr20 If you are not using some of the energy of the moment to ponder on the bad stuff that keeps repeating itself in your life, you are missing out on an opportunity to heal some deep hidden wounds that you may be scarcely aware of. If you are brave enough to go there, it may teach you something about whether you are going in the right direction. The reality check is in September. Taurus apr21-may21 Beginning to feel you don’t know if you are coming or going? That’s Uranus for you and you can expect more of this as your certainties in life get thrown up in the air (see my comments last edition). The 6th and 7th of August might be moments to notice all this. It might focus attention on your work-home dilemmas. Do something about it in September, around the 10th, and be ready for more seismic shocks. Gemini may22-jun21 I’m expecting you to have a pretty nice time in August with not a lot to rock your boat – until you get to the end of the month, that is, when the autumn energy kicks in as the sun goes into Virgo. Then, I’m afraid, ‘let’s get serious’ is the flavour of the moment and you will need to concentrate on the jobs you need to tackle in the final quarter of the year. But have fun now and enjoy the moment. Cancer jun22-jul23 Life can seem unfairly tough in August, with so much to deal with while the sun is shining and all you want to do is relax and chill like everyone else. In September, life still demands that you put the effort in but you will begin to feel on firmer ground and can start to pull things together that are important to you for the autumn and coming winter.