b'OVL REVIEWThe Sun, FelmershamFood to shout aboutTheres a lovely walk from Sharnbrook to Felmersham.upon the right restaurant on a Greek island but food like The well-trodden path leads you past fields of sheepthis in Bedfordshire? No way! Having heard lovely things and crops until you meet the Great Ouse as it meandersabout The Suns rotisserie chicken, we opted for this too. its way towards The Mill and weir. We like to stop brieflyIt was outrageously good. So succulent and flavoursome on the bridge to enjoy the view and from there its just awith a stuffing, rich with liver and pancetta.short stroll to The Sun. Now that this lovely old pub is inSides come separately for some dishes so we chose the the capable hands of Peter and Connie, I know well bemoreish house chips with chicken salt and fresh peas taking this walk more often. with broad beans. Connie also recommended a tomato Peter has been cooking since he was 13 and untiland basil salad which complemented the octopus so recently was the Duke of Bedfords private chef.well, Im glad she did. Again, a simple dish yet so full Connie is a delight front of house. Together they haveof flavour with proper tomatoes, good oil and perfect transformed the restaurant into a bright and airy space.seasoning. The sides are generous portions (at bargain Its rustic in a contemporary way with wooden floors,prices) so I would recommend sharing.reclaimed church chairs, wheat wall hangings, chunkyTheres a smattering of desserts and at the bottom wood-topped tables and calm sage green walls. Theof list we read Underberg. I beckoned to Connie, overall impression is a welcoming village pub and yetWhats I began. She smiled, already knowing what there is something much more going on here. I was going to ask. Underberg? Its a herbal digestive The menu is compact with just a handful of starters.to help after a big meal. Then added laughing, Its a A couple of mains sit alongside The Suns trademarklittle of my influence on the menu; us Germans like an rotisserie chicken and grills and then there are seasonalexcuse to have a shot. We were sold! We ordered the specials to tempt you on the day.local strawberries which came with a gorgeous lemon We started with the cockle popcorn. This is a fun dish.meringue ice cream and finished with our shot. Clovey, Lightly battered, delicate morsels filled a glass with aaromatic, medicinal - we were already smiling and at side of Scotch bonnet mayo for dipping. This delivered44%, our smiles grew bigger!a real taste of the seaside with a subtle warmth comingTables at The Sun are already proving popular so if youd from the chilli mayonnaise. We also chose the grilledlike to try their food - and quite frankly why wouldnt you courgette with mozzarella and mint; a dish that was- its definitely worth booking. The prices are reasonable so my thing. Bold chargrilled flavours combined withand Peters food is just delicious. It is also brave - fresh, heavenly mozzarella, a fine olive oil and generousuncomplicated ingredients expertly put together, seasoning. Simple ingredients, maximum impact. Its theachieving amazing flavours.kind of dish Id like to think I could recreate at home butNext time I walk to Felmersham, Ill take a megaphone. know I wouldnt even come close. Food this fabulous is worth shouting about.We followed with one of the specials, octopus with garlicThe Sunbutter and crushed potatoes. This dish was spectacular.Grange Road, Felmersham MK43 7EU The plate touched the table and boom! I got a smokey,info@thesunfelmersham.comgarlicky hit and couldnt wait to tuck in. Ive only had01234 781355octopus this tasty and tender when weve happened 26 Please remember to mention OVL when responding to adverwww.thesunfts elmersham.com'