b'GARDENSRosemarys GardenEnhance your summer cooking with herbs and edible flowersAs well as giving extra flavour to food and drinks,Some of the edible flowers you can choose from are:herbs are good for our health. Add them to soups,Bergamot- makes good tea and compliments bacon, poultry, sandwiches, salads, starters, main courses, dessertsrice and pasta.and drinks. Some herbs have flowers that areChrysanthemum- the petals flavour and colour cream deliciously edible and many of the flowers in oursoups, fish chowder and egg dishes.garden can also be used to enrich our summer cuisine. Day lily - add the buds and flowers to stir fries, salads and Herbs that grow happily in containers are bay,soups.chives, French tarragon, lemongrass, marjoram, mint,Dianthus - add to ingredients such as sugar, oils and oregano, parsley, sage, thyme and rosemary. Placevinegars.some of these near your outside seating area to enjoyHibiscus- makes a refreshing citrus-flavoured tea. Or drop their fragrance. Basil benefits from a greenhouse,the buds into sparkling wine.conservatory or sunny windowsill and should beLavender- flavours sugar or honey to use in cakes and watered every other day before noon. Coriander alsobiscuits. The sprigs compliment roast pork, lamb and chicken. likes a bright indoor situation but the container mustOr sprinkle in champagne or cocktails and over chocolate be quite deep as the plant has a long root. cake.The flowers of many herbs are rich in flavour. In fact,Nasturtium - the bright peppery flowers are good in salads the blooms of chives, lavender, mint, rosemary andand pasta dishes. Use the whole flower, leaves and buds or thyme give more taste to food than the leaves. Onlyjust the petals for a milder flavour.use those that you know are edible and have been grown free of pesticides or pollutants. Clean themPrimroses- decorate cakes with crystallised or fresh petals. by washing them in cold water and letting them dryOr freeze them in ice cubes.on a paper towel. Use them immediately or keepRoses- these are all edible. Petals can be crystallised or them in the refrigerator for up to a week in an airtightused to flavour drinks, sugar and icing.container lined with a damp paper towel. Sunflower- blanch whole buds and serve with garlic butter. Many of the summer flowers we grow in our gardensPetals can be used in salads or stir fries.are edible and can add colour, flavour and texture toTiger lily - the delicate fragrance and flavour enhances savoury and sweet dishes, cocktails, cordials, oils andsalads, omelettes and poultry.butters. Add them to a salad to give extra colour orViola - gives a delicate flavour to sweet or savoury dishes as use them to decorate cakes or biscuits. If you prefer,well as tea. Use viola, violets and pansies to decorate cakes edible flowers can be purchased from supermarketsand souffls or drop the petals into summer cocktails.or online.32 Please remember to mention OVL when responding to adverts'