b'When Youre SmilingThe Village Dental Practice is holding a series of talks tailored for anyone who may have concerns about their teeth or smile. Dr Adam Slade gave the first talk and OVL went along to find out more.T he evening began with lovely smiles from DougI was fascinated by the before and after photos which Rider and his practice team who warmly greetedshowed amazing transformations. We saw both subtle us with drinks and nibbles. We were introduced toand dramatic changes following a variety of procedures their Patient Ambassadors who were on hand to shareincluding cleaning, whitening, cosmetic contouring, their experiences of previous treatments and answer anyfront white fillings, veneers, crowns, bridges, implants questions we might have. Following a quick tour of theand orthodontics. We also learned about the latest practice, with its welcoming and stylish reception areainnovations and progress in materials including porcelain and bright, spotless treatment rooms, we settled into ourwith precious metal, improved adhesives and titanium.seats for the talk. There are so many options. However, Dr Slade was Dentistry has certainly changed in the UK during thekeen to explain that he will always opt for the simplest last few decades. When I think back to my heroes in thesuccessful solution, choosing the most effective 1980s - David Bowie, Paul Weller, Alison Moyet - mosttreatment for the patient on an individual basis. He had, lets say, less than perfect smiles and having baddoesnt aim for perfect teeth, ensuring instead that teeth was a stock American joke about British people.any changes match the colour and even ridges of Now our expectations have changed and our desire forother teeth. Much time is spent in the planning stage beautiful teeth has increased. reproducing the detail to the finest degree and, using Dr Adam Slade is at the forefront of this change, not3D imaging and CAT scans, everything is done virtually only in helping patients to aesthetically enhance theirbefore the work even begins. As I said, UK dentistry has smile but also improve their dental functionality. Aschanged dramatically in the last few decades. well as his work at the Village Dental Practice, heThis was reaffirmed by one of the Patient Ambassadors I has his own Harley Street Clinic and holds teachingchatted to after the talk: Adam asked me what I wanted positions at Guys Hospital and Queen Mary Universityto achieve and I said I dont want to look like Simon of London which allow him to stay at the cutting edgeCowell! I wanted the same teeth but slightly better in of technology and research. He is in high demand inappearance - not perfectly symmetrical and still with the media too, with TV appearances on Good Morningimperfections. Britain, Botched Up Bodies and Celebrity Botched Up.I enjoyed the opportunity to talk to the Patient His talk was fascinating and he was very easy to listenAmbassadors whose other comments included: Its to. His informal, chatty style was both entertaining andboosted my confidence, It was absolutely so worth it, informative and he encouraged questions throughout. Hes meticulous. The planning stage took a long time He spoke too about the psychological benefits of hisand Such a lovely man. Im not sure Ive ever seen so work, having seen many patients who were unhappy withmany confident smiles revealing lovely teeth.their teeth. He has witnessed the improvements in theirIf you are feeling self-conscious about your smile or confidence and how they interact with others; patientsconcerned about any aspect of your teeth, I would who now boldly smile without feeling the need to coverdefinitely recommend attending the next talk at the their teeth. Village Dental Practice to see how they can help.38 Please remember to mention OVL when responding to adverts'