b'Now selling theincluding chemical peelsAnti agingSkincare range from Illuminance Call us now28 St Peters Street 01234 261 881BedfordMK40 4AF www.stpetersclinic.comWorried about Hair Loss or Thinning Hair? We can help. We offer bespoke hair replacement systems for hair loss, as well asproducts and treatments that specifically target thinning hairfor bothmen and ladies.Our non invasive & non surgical treatments can help with most formsof hair thinning and loss, caused by numerous factors such asalopecia, illness, stress, chemotherapy, genetic thinning, themenopause, etc.Choice of SolutionsHair integration blends your existing hair with premium quality, real hair via a bespoke, fine mesh unit applied to the hair loss area.A natural, comfortable and lightsolution, enabling you to carry on your daily activities such as going to the gym, swimming, etc.Result: A full head of natural looking, thicker hair.Call01234 826502 or email hazel@hazelkaye.com to arrangea complimentary, private consultation40 High Street, Oakley,Beds, MK43 7RG email: hazel@hazelkaye.comTel:01234 826502 www.hazelkaye.com 42 Please remember to mention OVL when responding to adverts'