b'BEAUTYNaomi Jones shares more Secrets from the SalonThe Power of TouchWarm, relaxed, happy just aown salon experience with your favourite music and a few effects of a great massage.lovely warm environment. Once again we can call on the Glorious warmed scented oils, warmbottle of olive oil from your kitchen cupboard to create a blankets, candles and relaxingmassage medium on the skin providing an inexpensive music all set the scene in the salon. and nourishing skin treatment! Alternatively, pre-Massage may seem like ablended scented oils are readily available - but always pampering treatand it is - butbe sure to check any warnings since essential oils are there are also many therapeuticnot suitable for everyone. benefits including decreased anxiety and enhancedMassage of the hand is particularly relaxing and a sleep leading to greater energy, improved concentrationgood starting point. We hold a surprising amount of and reduced fatigue. And, of course, the well-knowntension in the palm of our hands and you can perform relief for tired aching muscles as the massagethis treatment on yourself.Lets share the secret ofthe increases your circulation. anti-ageing benefits of massage! Even a five-minute Research continues to show the enormous benefits ofmassage at night while you are applying your serum touch and de-stressing and how this can play a hugeand night cream will aid exfoliation, increase your part in keeping you healthy and youthful. circulation and assist cell renewal. A visit to your friendly massage therapist is the bestAll that you need to do the following morning is get up plan for knot busting but you can do basic soothingand glow!massage movements yourself at home! Create your'