b'CHILDHOOD COMMUNICATIONIndependent Speech and Language Therapist Jacqui Wright answers your questions about childhood communicationContinued from last issue.Dear Jacqui Please can you explain how social thinking develops from the Social Learning Tree?The leaves relate to definable skills we use to engage in each of the larger concepts that are represented by a branch. For example, the leaves on the branch related to playground play would involve all the different concepts/skills one must use to play such as turn-taking, allowing a person to choose a game, coping with rule changes, determining if the group welcomes you, using language that keeps others having good thoughts about you to avoid being rejected or teased. It is often in the leaves that we observe the problems and write goals to address the weak growth of the leaves, which may not be the most effective treatment choice.Most people can understand the developmental trajectory of social learning from roots through the trunk, branches and then to the leaves. Yet most social skill programmes are set up to address a leaf in the tree and do not work on helping students strengthen their root system and trunk. Students may not internalise the information they are learning nor is it useful when engaged in their curriculum or has anything to do with how they share space in a classroom. We see students fail to generalise their social skills to other situations because they have not first acquired core understanding of social learning concepts. Without the support the root system and trunk provide, theSelf Drive HireContract RentalFinancial Leaseleaves have little chance to stay healthy and grow. Large Fleet of StandardRefrigeratedSpecialised Vehicles(to be continued). Adapted from Social Thinking-Social Learning Tree, Michelle Garcia Winner, MA, CCC-SLPJacqui WrightChildhood Communication Consultantwww.childhoodcommunication.co.ukinfo@childhoodcommunication.co.uk01234 782 365 / 07956 685581Facebook: Childhood Communication Consultancy rentxpressltd.co.ukTwitter: @JacquiSLTIf you have any questions for Jacqui01234 339008please email info@ousevalleyliving.com and she will endeavour to answer your concerns in this column'