b'COULD YOU GIVE CONTINUOUS CARE TO A CHILD?B edford Borough Council needs more fosterPotential foster carers often wonder about the effect of families with the right skills and experience tofostering on their own birth children. Lauren, a 21-year-offer loving, stable and secure homes in Bedfordold who grew up in a foster-caring family says, We have Borough. There is a particular need for people whocared, loved and encouraged many foster placements might be able to care for children who need to find aand though saying goodbye was always a hard topic, home through to maturity. one goodbye we have never had to have is with our One Bedford Borough carer, who has committed to awonderful, kind, charming and handsome 10-year-old long term fostering placement said: who has been with us for over 7 years now.Three years ago, we took in a lad who came from veryNot only does fostering change the future of every difficult circumstances and it soon became clear thatchild and young person in care, it also has astounding he would never be returning home.We were askedpotential to change the future for every member of the inevitable questionwould we consider takingthe family. I want to be a foster carer, having seen my him until he turns 18 and we decided to take him onparents change the lives of so many individuals, I know permanently.He has fitted into our family well, andthat I could make a difference every day. The saying helping him to progress from a frightened, angry childgoes that it takes a village to raise a child. I can go into a happy and bright young man has been immenselyabout my day knowing that my biggest source of pride rewarding.He still has some emotional issues but heis being a part of our village.is getting all the help that he needs; Social ServicesIf you think you could offer a long term home to a child and his school are very supportive.We now considercall 01234 718718 or visit foster4us.com Wed love to ourselves a family of four. hear from you.Follow us on twitter @OVLMagazine Find us on Facebook OVL Magazine 69'