b'HOROSCOPESIN THE STARSwith Howard Parker, the Astro-guideThe year reaches its apex of activity with the sun in bright shiny Leo but this is always just before Virgo causes us to change our focus towards the practical issues we need to sort out as the autumn comes.I can help you gain a deep insight into what the most important issues will be for you personally during this period by examining your own astrological birth chart. Please go to www.astroguidance.co.uk to book a session. You can also call me on 07866 727743 or email me at howpark@aol.com for more information.NEW! If you want to keep in touch with what is happening astrologically, drop in on my Astrocafe Facebook group where I post regular live videos. https://www.facebook.com/groups/310639759701042/Leo jul24-aug23After a bit more faffing about, revisiting all sorts of unresolved communication issues, Mercury gets going in your sign mid-August and things will feel a lot better. However, the action planet Mars is also in your sign so the caution is that there could all be a bit too much fire all round. Beware of overcooking things, and I dont just mean the barbecue!Virgo aug24-sep23Many Virgos mistrust too much sun and funthey are much happier with jobs to do and running things from behind the scenes but try not to be too much of a party pooper. Summers dont last forever, though, and you will really notice things change when the sun, along with several other planets, goes into Virgo in September. This will be the time you will really get into your stride.Libra sep24-oct23Just when you thought there was no injustice in the world left to feel outraged about, you see the over-blown egos out there causing even more mayhem. But global events are still limbering up to that decisive point in early 2020, so keep your equilibrium if you can and stay cool in the heat. There wont be any time for dithering as September begins because you will be driven by all the jobs that have been queuing up to be done.Scorpiooct24-nov22 You may feel rather hard done by as colleagues at work who shine brighter seem to be doing so well when you know full well you are better than they are. At least you are wise enough now to know how quickly the summer fades and that your energies and value will become obvious as September arrives. Dig deep and work through all those to-do lists!Sagittarius nov23-dec22 The temperature of the sun in Leo may heat things up a bit too much! Sagittarians have a reputation for exaggeration and preaching too loudly and this criticism may be particularly justified this August. September may be your comeuppance as any unwise and ill-considered comments can catch up with you and your opinions are strongly questioned.Capricorn dec23-jan20You havent enjoyed the emotionalism of July and August may also feel uncomfortable as if all the people having fun seem just a little irresponsible. Try to loosen up - there is plenty of time to deal with difficult stuff later in the year. In September, though, the practical sign of Virgo will help you work through all that backlog of jobs that others have left you to do while theyve been having fun!70 Please remember to mention OVL when responding to adverts'