70 Please remember to mention OVL when responding to adverts with Howard Parker, the Astro-guide IN THE STARS The autumn equinox on 21 September heralds the beginning of the last quarter of the year as the sun goes into Libra and then Scorpio. Libra is all about relating and it invites us to consider how important our relationships are to us and how interdependent we are to each other if we are to find comfort as the weather becomes colder. You may also have noticed how life seems to have accelerated recently. Mars and Saturn are now moving forward again enabling things to start to get done. The downside of this is that we are now becoming crazily busy but Saturn is always a steadying factor so to try stay in control. I can help you gain a deep insight into what the most important issues will be for you during this period by examining your own astrological birth chart. Please go to: www.astroguidance.co.uk to book a session. You can also call me on 07866 727743 or email me at howpark@aol.com for more information. Horoscopes Libra sep24-oct23 The new moon on 9 October should bring a renewed self-confidence. You can recognise new opportunities at this time and feel assertive enough to make the most of them. Your charm will be infectious, which is nice, but try to keep your feet on the ground. Expect some unexpected and unusually intense ups and downs in relationships, particularly in early November. Scorpio oct24-nov22 Libra invites the more intense Scorpios to try to maintain balance, especially in love, although this may not turn out to be quite as easy as it seems, particularly at the full moon on the 26th. Early November is the right time to go deep into issues that may be bothering you – if you can resolve them before the full moon, that will help lighten your load and make you feel more optimistic by the end of the month Sagittarius nov23-dec22 This month, you may find a balance between your incessant desire to be out and over the next hill while enjoying the pleasures of home. However, that may not seem as easy as you thought as you get towards the end of the month. Probably a good idea to concentrate on mundane jobs that need doing while you work that one out! Your boat may be seriously rocked in November but your mood will lift after the full moon on the 23rd. Capricorn dec23-jan20 Complications in your relationships can be expected this month and may get in the way of your best laid plans for the future. You want to push decisively forward but others around you may value peace and harmony more highly. It’s a question of finding that delicate but importance balance by looking at all options. November may feel like a seesaw between slightly excessive optimism and a strong reality check. Aquarius jan21-feb19 You may find yourself energised by other people’s ideas and perspectives this month and these will teach you something that you had previously overlooked. Staying home and quietly absorbing what all this means might be the best way of responding so that what you decide to do is what is best for you. Frustration and explosive intensity may blow up from time to time during November so try to stay focused on what the big issues are.