Jacqui Wright Childhood Communication Consultant www.childhoodcommunication.co.uk info@childhoodcommunication.co.uk 01234 782 365 / 07956 685581 Find us on Facebook: Childhood Communication Consultancy Twitter: @JacquiSLT Independent Speech and Language Therapist Jacqui Wright answers your questions about childhood communication (continued from last issue) If you have any questions for Jacqui please email info@ousevalleyliving. com and she will endeavour to answer your concerns in this column Dear Jacqui Please can you tell me more about social thinking? Social Thinking is what we do when we share space with others. We consider the context; take in the thoughts, emotions and intentions of the people with whom we are interacting and use that information to determine how we respond (continued from part 1). 1.  Social Thinking® is a language-based learning approach. 2. Core philosophies of Social Thinking are: a.  We think with our eyes to figure out others’ thoughts, intentions, emotions, plans, etc. b.  How we think affects how we feel, and how we behave affects how others think and feel. We learn to make people comfortable around us by using our actions and our language. c.  We think about people all the time, even when we have no plans to interact with them. We adjust our own behaviour based on what we think the people around us are thinking. d.  We try to avoid another’s uncomfortable thoughts. We constantly consider people around us and adjust our behaviour to help people have good thoughts about us. e.  How we adapt our behaviour changes as we age and across different situations and cultures. The sophistication of our behaviours is constantly evolving across our lives. f.  It is something all of us do every day, even when we are alone. To understand a novel, TV drama or comedy, one has to think about the character’s emotions, thoughts, reactions, etc. It is at the root of academic learning. (to be continued in the DecJan edition) Reference: Introduction to Social Thinking Michelle Garcia Winner, MA, CCC-SLP Childhood Communication WITHYOUWHEN IT MATTERS MOST T 01234 843222 www.abbott-funerals.co.uk support@abbott-funerals.co.uk 150 BEDFORD ROAD,KEMPSTON,BEDFORDSHIRE,MK42 8BH An independent family business continuing to provide a caring & professional service to Bedford, Kempston & the surrounding villages. • 24 Hour Personal Service • Pre-Paid Funeral Plans • Private Chapels of Rest • Green Burials • HomeArrangements • Civil Services Available Self Drive Hire • Contract Rental • Financial Lease Large Fleet of Standard • Refrigerated • Specialised Vehicles rentxpressltd.co.uk 01234 339008