Beauty after Lockdown

Naomi Jones shares more secrets from the salon… home treatments and prepping for your long-awaited salon appointment

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We’ve all been locked down so there are few salon secrets to share! Instead, let’s talk about beauty at home and how to get the most from returning to your beauty salon appointments.

During these surreal times we appear to have divided into two groups. Those who have given up on their beauty regime, opting instead for the relaxed, natural look (I’m being polite!) and those who have gone home spa crazy, becoming very creative with homemade treatments and turning bedrooms, bathrooms and even the garden into pampering, chill-out areas. As we return to some kind of new normal the race is now on to get ourselves looking the best we can.

I read a recent report which confirmed that feeling good about our appearance can have a hugely positive effect on self-esteem and mental wellbeing which is especially important during these changing and challenging times. I don’t think we need any better reason than that to indulge in some pampering!

Top to Toe Home Beauty Spa

  • Beauty rituals at home are the perfect pick me up, especially during stressful times, and here we're talking the full shebang!
  • Start with dry body brushing (working your way up from your feet and legs) and indulge in a warm shower or bath. Follow with a body scrub, and finish with your favourite body moisturiser. This top to toe treatment will increase circulation and blood flow for a healthy glow.   Dead skin cells will be sloughed off, and a thick coat of gleaming hydration will be sealed into every limb. Some beautiful scented candles and a glass of something lovely will, I’m sure, help you to relax!
  • These days, there's a mask for every single part of our body. There are the more common elixirs to mend and enhance our complexions but there are also genius masks for our hands, necks, eyes, feet, lips, body, bikini area and even your bum! Spread your treatments out over the week or go full throttle in one day.
  • Give yourself a sun-kissed glow, courtesy of some self-tanning products. A glow to the skin feels like a real treat, and a little bit of extra radiance might put a spring in your step. There are so many cool new products and formulas on the market to experiment with.
  • Finally, I don't know about you but even if I'm at home all day, nothing feels as special and luxurious as a spritz of my favourite fragrance. Not only will you smell lovely, but you'll feel fresh and ready to take on life.

Prepping for your Salon Appointment

Waxing: My clients are desperate for their waxing appointments to resume and this is the advice I give them: the hair should be growing for 21 days from the last shave. If you have home waxed it needs to be 28 days from the last wax. The hair should not be trimmed any shorter than the length of your thumb nail otherwise it will seriously hurt! Try to leave eyebrow shapes alone for 3-4 weeks before your appointment.

Hands & Feet: I think this is the next big favourite in salon appointments. Hopefully you have kept your nails trimmed, filing any rough edges. Do not pick at cuticles, we will apply the necessary treatments and trim as required for the perfect nail service. Do not hack at hard skin on your feet. I know it’s tempting with this hard to reach area but you may cause cuts and infection, delaying your foot service.

Facials: Hopefully you have been covering the basics with cleansing, exfoliating and moisturising. Don’t worry, we can soon get your skin back to the pre-lockdown glow! Just let your therapist know what you have been using and if you have tried any home remedies as this may account for any unusual skin activity.

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