Top Ten Hottest Beauty Tips

Naomi Jones shares more secrets from the salon with her top ten beauty tips

face mask in bath.jpgNaomi Jones shares more secrets from the salon…
My top 10 hottest beauty tips for this year – and they’re really easy to stick to!

Giving up sugar, dry January, joining the gym… just a few of the promises we make ourselves at the beginning of a new year; but of all the New Year’s resolutions, revamping your beauty routine is by far the easiest.

1. Have a good sort out
We all have those mascaras that weren’t quite right, foundations that were just slightly the wrong shade, and skincare that just didn’t suit your skin type. All of these products have a ‘use by’ date, so if they have been opened for a few months it’s time to be brutal and throw them out! Remember, though, that unopened products are often gratefully received by local women’s refuge charities.

2. Wash or replace your make-up brushes
They easily collect bacteria which in turn can cause nasty skin reactions. Wash well in warm water with a specific cosmetic brush cleaner or, alternatively, some gentle baby shampoo. Rinse really well until the water runs clear and leave to dry. Lay the brushes so that the bristles are pointing slightly downwards to prevent water collecting in the barrel of the brush and loosening bristles.

3. Discover your real skin type
Visit a professional beauty therapist to find the answer. All too often we buy from shops while not really knowing our true skin type. Yes, store assistants can ask a few general questions but really you need a proper cleanse and skin analysis to know your actual skin type. There is also a growing trend in skincare supplements with many therapists recommending these to feed the skin from within

4. Stop using wipes
We have all used them but cosmetic wipes are really not effective at properly cleansing your skin. Imagine a dirty greasy plate in the washing up; you wouldn’t just give it a wipe with a damp cloth and expect it to be clean, would you? And keep your baby wipes for what they’re good at… wiping babies!

5. Clean your pillowcases and bedsheets regularly
This is easy to forget or put off but you really do need to be popping your bedding into the wash on a regular basis. Experts recommend washing your pillow cases every two to four days so the ‘cocktail of sweat, sebum, and dead skin cells’ will be cleaned away before it wreaks havoc on your skin. Plus the joy of snuggling into freshly washed and dried sheets is wonderful and should be experienced often!

6. Keep your skin protected against the sun's harsh rays
Sunscreen should be a staple in your beauty routine if you want healthy, younger-looking skin. We all know this tip but to really protect the skin you should apply it every day as well as your usual skincare. Experts advise a minimum SPF 15.

7. Try the ‘Sunday facial’
This is big news in the media as more people are taking care of their skin at home. Last year saw huge increases in the sales of face masks and they really do work!

8. Start thinking holistically
Another big beauty trend is a focus on inner wellness, not simply something you ‘slap on your face!’ So think holistic reflexology, aromatherapy, Indian head massage and really chill out. Stress is an emotion that definitely shows in the skin.

9. There’s a move from the T Zone to the Y Zone
This is the lower face, throat and décolletage which also needs attention – and just think about how that’s constantly compromised when we look at our phones 150 times a day!

10. Dedicate some time to self-care
It might sound indulgent, but pencilling in time to give yourself a proper pamper each week can be a huge part of looking after your mental health too. And it will also make you look glorious! Make your beauty self-care an appointment, write it in your planner, and stick to it. We’re talking face masks, foot soaks, hydrating hair treatments, manicures. Indulge in all the stuff that’s good for your body and helps you feel great. Make that a priority for the new year.

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