Top travel tips for fun in the sun

Naomi Jones shares more secrets from the salon to help you have fun in the sun


The clients are all arriving for appointments full of smiles and good cheer. Is it the news of a new royal baby? Well, actually no, it’s the hot subject of holidays.

Dreamy thoughts of fun in the sun bring endless chatter about where we are going, what we are doing and how long for, with everyone joining in and swapping stories. It all sounds lots of fun as we paint a glorious picture of the relaxation we’ve waited for all year. And then the panic hits as we realise that it’s only a matter of weeks until we expose our bodies in public. 

Beach bodies often aren’t top of the list as there are so many other things to think of such as new clothes for the children, packing for the family, cancelling the milkman, telling the neighbours and, of course, booking Mabel into the kennels. We all know the list goes on!

Back to beauty. There’s talk of manicures and pedicures: what colour nail varnish and polish or gel? Not forgetting exfoliating, spray tans, diets, fat burning, haircuts and colours, waxing and much more. There’s so much to do before we are fully prepared. 

In contrast, one of my clients told me that her husband prepares for their holiday by putting his clothes on the bed for her to pack. I had to laugh when she added that he had the weight of the world on his shoulders as he asked, ‘Do I need a haircut before we go?’ ‘Yes,’ his wife replied. ‘How on earth will I fit that in?’ he asked aghast. Oh to be a man…

Top travel tips

  • Whether you’re flying long or short haul, we all know aeroplane travel can be really dehydrating for your skin. Upping your water intake and minimising those glasses of  bubbly are the key to arriving feeling and looking fresh as a daisy.
  • Never mind the beach body diet, most of us need to lose some weight from hefty toiletry bags. Because almost all of us take far too many toiletries on holiday, look for multi-tasking products such as a lip and cheek stain, or bronzers that can be used for eyeshadow as well.
  • Here’s a multi-tasking product you don’t even have to pack: hair conditioner. It’s a genius swap for shaving cream and will most likely already be in your hotel shower. The same moisturising ingredients that hydrate the hair on your head can also soften the hair on your body to help prep your skin for nick-free shaving.
  • A bold red lipstick can solve (almost) any problem. The right red can instantly brighten up your complexion, make your teeth look whiter, your smile brighter and grab attention wherever you go. Blot it down with a tissue for a pretty daytime lip stain, or swipe on two coats when you need to glam up your look. It’s the ultimate travel sidekick.
  • Exfoliating is the key to a perfect tan and moisturised skin. Make the exfoliator when you get there using sugar (usually already in your room) with shower gel.  
  • Though it’s best to head to the airport without make-up for a long flight, if you need to wear a little something go for finished brows, waterproof mascara and pink/nude lips. This will help you look pulled-together while keeping your skin clean.
  • I’m a big fan of face misting at any time but particularly during a flight. Mini bottles of spray water are readily available and really help with skin hydration and give a feeling of freshness. 

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