What's your Beauty Style?

Natural boho, film star glamour, 80's retro - make-up to match your look

There’s always been style. Comparing Wilma Flintstone to Betty Rubble immediately demonstrates how individual looks in hair, make-up and clothes were important even in prehistoric times. Look – I’m a beautician not an historian, OK? Anyway, hair and make-up have evolved stylistically along with the clothes we wear, often with striking differences. Let’s look at a few…​​​​​​

Natural Boho Beauty
Women didn’t do fancy blow dries and make-up to go to Woodstock, and they looked just gorgeous. Soft, flowing and earthy, there’s a reason the bohemian look has had a loyal following for decades. The effortlessly chic style has some serious versatility and can work for a variety of occasions ranging from music festivals (something to look forward to next year hopefully) and lazy beach days to garden weddings and date nights. The great thing about the boho goddess look is that it doesn’t take much to create. It’s really a matter of lightly accentuating your natural features. Bohemian style is all about letting your natural self shine, especially your lovely face. Stick to minimal make-up for this look. For foundation, opt for an illuminating product, stay away from ‘cakey’ powders or matte finishes. Think bronzer for your cheeks and neutral shadows finishing with a boho pout in pretty peach gloss.


Film Star Glamour 
The most popular request from celebrities is ‘to make their skin look amazing’. Ensuring skin is hydrated gives it that plumped-up, healthy glow. There is no rule on foundation; it depends on skin type and tone, using lighter textures where possible for a fresher finish. A cream concealer can disguise dark under-eye circles and give fuller coverage around the nose and chin areas. On the red carpet, contouring is essential. Suck in your cheeks and follow the hollow with a natural matte bronzer. Paint across the temples and along the jawline for added definition, and then dust a finely milled highlighter on top of the cheekbones, down the nose and on the Cupid’s bow. Adding a light cream blusher will give skin natural-looking vitality, and painting on a glorious red pout is a quick trick for the wow factor - not forgetting smoky eyes with lots of liquid eyeliner and false lashes.

film star glamour.jpeg

80s’ Retro
From neon lips to extreme cat eyes with huge feathery lashes, there are lots of make-up styles on the catwalk that might seem too "out there" for daily wear. I mean, really, who's going to use stencils to apply her eyeshadow and then glue a giant piece of lace to her face? We can, however, take ideas from the latest looks and 80s’ fashion is bang on trend right now. The 1980s were a decade of bold style with bright colours and oversized clothing. But what about make-up? Well, it was bold too of course with big brows, vivid eyeshadow, shiny red lips and excessive blush. This is a look that you will probably want to bring up to date. Remember – you’re aiming at ‘fun funky’, not ‘I’ve just escaped from the circus’! Happily, there are plenty of tutorials online for 80s-inspired make-up to help you achieve a modern twist.

retro 80s.jpeg

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