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Review: Environ Active Vitamin Facial at Hazel Kaye Salon in the heart of Oakley village

HK.jpegReview: Hazel Kaye Salon
Where luxury, cutting edge treatments and relaxation await you

I’d been looking forward to my appointment at Hazel Kaye Salon all week. The pressure of a print deadline plus the cold weather and a late night or two were beginning to show and I was in need of some pampering. 

As soon as I walked through the door, I knew I’d come to the right place. My coat was taken, I was offered a coffee and guided upstairs by beauty therapist Monica to a warm and cosy treatment room. Here we discussed my skin care routine, diet and lifestyle and any concerns that I had with my complexion so that Monica could work out the best treatment for me.

Monica began by giving me a back massage and we were both surprised by the amount of knots she found in my shoulders. I’d clearly been carrying my stress here and I gradually unwound as Monica worked her magic, methodically untangling each one. What a lovely start!

We moved on to my Environ facial. I’d been looking forward to this treatment most of all. I’d done a little research on the company and had been very impressed. Environ’s guiding philosophy is to combine science and cutting-edge technology with sound skin care principles. I like this logical combination and, judging by the trials and reviews, they have a great success rate.

HK1.jpgMonica chose the Active Vitamin Facial for me which, I was pleased to hear, is packed with anti-ageing ingredients. There are other Environ options available at Hazel Kaye such The Frown Treatment, Collagen Power Facial, HydraBoost and Purifying Treatment so that facials can be personalised for all skin types and concerns.

Monica explained that she would be using a Vitamin A and C serum which is a kind of all concerns treatment but the vitamins are particularly effective for sun damage, wrinkles, pigmentation, uneven skin tone, dryness and scarring. They are also great for increasing hydration and boosting radiance.

So that’s the science bit; now for the technology. Once applied, the serum is activated using low frequency sonophoresis (sound waves) and pulsed iontophoresis (electric current) which is conducted through an alginate mask. This process permeates the waterproof barrier and pushes the vitamins deep into the skin enhancing their potential and subsequent results. Monica described it as a nail and hammer effect but don’t worry there really is no pain, just a gentle tingling sensation.

HK4.jpgIt was unlike any other facial I’ve had before. The mask covered my entire face, including my eyes and mouth, although Monica did offer to leave some areas free if I was likely to feel claustrophobic. I liked the the sensation. A cool thick liquid enveloped my face and an image of the Symbiote covering Eddie Brock and transforming him into Venom came into my mind. Maybe I would be given superpowers?

While the mask set and the science and technology did their stuff, Monica gave me a relaxing hand and arm massage. She then peeled the mask off in one piece, which was so satisfying, and finished by applying an eye gel and moisturiser. I may not have been given superpowers but my skin did seem super charged. It looked healthier and beautifully radiant.

Environ treatments work alongside Jane Iredale pure mineral products which can be used straight after a facial and so Monica applied face powder to tone down my temporary shine. Hazel Kaye was there to personally check the fantastic results and couldn’t resist adding lipstick and blush to ensure I was selfie ready. 

I felt amazing but my treatments didn’t stop there. I was taken through to the hair salon where I received a lovely head massage from Sonia (more relaxation!) followed by a blow dry with pretty curls by Claudia.

I don’t think I’ve ever been so pampered. From the moment I walked through the door, everyone at Hazel Kaye ensured I was thoroughly looked after and I left the salon feeling relaxed, de-stressed and revived. My skin was glowing but the best thing about it is that the effects have lasted. I’m writing this a week after the treatment and I can still see the results. My skin looks healthier and feels hydrated, soft and smooth.

I noticed the benefits after one Environ treatment (from £65) but a block of treatments is recommended for the best results. If you book a block of six at Hazel Kaye, you’ll get a seventh one free. Environ’s vitamin-packed products are also available to buy at the salon. And, as Hazel Kaye offers gift vouchers, now is your chance to treat someone special to a fabulous Christmas present. I promise you, they will love you forever!

HK8.jpgHazel Kaye Hair, Beauty & Facial Aesthetics
40 High Street, Oakley, MK43 7RG
01234 826502

This review was written by Jacqui Hagen and first appeared in the Dec19Jan20 edition of OVL Magazine. Photography by Ant Hagen.

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