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Head to Toe Treatments 

The advert caught my attention: ‘Naomi understands about wrinkles, varicose veins, bent toes, stretch marks and the wobbly bits that we all worry about.’ As someone who has been known to apologise for my hairy legs when having a wax, my weak nails mid manicure and my dimpled thighs during an anti-cellulite body wrap, this appealed to me. 

The Naomi Jones Beauty Rooms are nestled in a quiet corner of Biddenham. I was relieved to feel at ease during my first visit and halfway through my appointment I knew I would be back for more. I have visited for spray tans, facials, manicures, pedicures and more but my favourite is the Radio Frequency Treatment, Naomi’s bestselling anti-ageing therapy (and apparently the new favourite treatment of several celebrities including Amanda Holden, Anna Friel and Gwyneth Paltrow). 
This is my kind of treatment… very relaxing, no needles and no pain! Instead a gel is applied which allows a machine with a wand (I do think it is actually magic) to glide over your skin. The wand transmits radio frequency waves which encourage the skin to produce collagen and tighten the surface of your face and neck (and yes I did apologise for my jowls and wrinkles on my first visit).
I love the plump, radiant, fresh look that it gives my skin.

Naomi has a genuine interest in skincare and anti-ageing and her thirst for knowledge means that she is constantly reading, researching and learning about new advances. This is a multi-million pound industry after all and new innovations are frequently announced. Naomi constantly introduces new treatments to the salon and I love to hear about all her latest finds. 

My R-F treatment is always followed with a mask. Naomi’s beauty cupboard is full of marvellous ingredients including grapeseed, cranberry, caviar… even gold… and after assessing the condition of my skin, Naomi picks the appropriate one. My recent levels of sleep, alcohol indulgence and partying seem, not surprisingly, to be major factors here.

Being a little sun shy, I opted for a spray tan for a Spanish weekend away with girlfriends. I visited the day before I was due to fly and I was terrified. Would I be streaky, patchy or, even worse would l be tangoed?! I needn’t have worried. I boarded the plane with a flawless, natural, golden glow which lasted for my whole trip and beyond despite numerous dips in the pool, sea and showers.

I have also discovered that a beauty therapist in need is a fantastic beauty therapist indeed. Two days before my trip my toenail, which had been black for some time following a clumsy game of football, decided to ping off! This is not a good holiday look. Distraught, I called Naomi to see if she could help. The next day I left the Beauty Rooms with 10 perfectly polished coral toe nails and no one had any idea that one was completely made of gel. 

The Naomi Jones Beauty Rooms offer an extensive range of beauty, aesthetic and holistic treatments. All you need to do is decide which treatment to try first.


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This review was written by Jacqui Hagen and first appeared in the JunJul15 edition of OVL Magazine.

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