Let Me Lie by Clare Mackintosh

The Number One Sunday Times Best Seller's latest novel is a beautifully written, dark and complex thriller.

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Ex-police officer Clare Mackintosh’s third novel, Let Me Lie, is another page turner. If you were gripped by her first novel, I Let you Go, and her second, I See You, reviewed in the February/March 1917 edition of OVL, this is also one you will not be able to put down.

Anna Johnson, 26-year-old mother of Ella, aged eight weeks, is struggling on the first anniversary of her mother’s suicide. Caroline Johnson jumped off a cliff at Beachy Head, copying the way Anna’s father, Tom, died seven months before. Anna can’t accept that her parents would have caused her so much suffering.

On the anniversary Anna receives a card with the typed words, “Suicide? Think again.” Anna’s partner, father of Ellie and her former grief counsellor, Mark Hemmings, tries to calm Anna’s fears but she is so convinced that her mother was murdered that she takes the card to the police but not before her uncle, Billy, has torn it into four pieces. At the police station she is seen by lovely, sympathetic Murray Mackenzie, a retired detective now working as a desk clerk. Murray begins an unofficial investigation but when Anna receives anonymous threats she begins to fear for Ella’s safety.

The characters of Anna and Murray are skilfully drawn and we empathise with Anna dealing with the loss of her parents and her desperation to protect her much loved baby and with Murray who is supporting his wife, Sarah, who has a mental illness. 

There are many shocking twists and turns in this beautifully written, dark and complex thriller. The publication date for the author’s fourth novel, After the End, is 25 June 2019.

This review was written by Roz Masters and first appeared in the AprMay 2019 edition of OVL Magazine.

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