Directed by Christopher Nolan, Tenet is a mesmerising cinematic masterpiece


Review by Freya Wille

In cinemas now

Directed and written by Christopher Nolan,Tenetwas made to be watched on the big screen. If you’re considering your first trip back to the cinema post-lockdown, I highly recommend donning your face mask and braving it for this one; the immersive nature of this film cannot be captured anywhere else.  

Thrown straight in at the deep end, we quickly meet our protagonist, aptly named The Protagonist (John Washington), in the middle of a covert operation in a Kiev opera house. As the film progresses, we learn about a threat to mankind which is so terrible it’s frequently described as ‘World War Three’. 

Enlisted to prevent this catastrophe, The Protagonist is partnered up alongside Neil (Robert Pattinson) and he begins to learn about the world of the inverted: a way to travel back through time. 

Tenet’s complex storyline provides Nolan with the opportunity to create a mesmerising cinematic masterpiece, and he does not fail. Watching expertly choreographed action sequences and then watching them all again backwards is a strange take on the classic action movie but one that works with the storyline. The stunning music score paired with the strange and intriguing sounds of a world running in reverse creates a mind-blowing cinematic experience.

Despite the intriguing storyline and beautiful execution, there is an underlying feeling that something is missing. With a backstory not provided we don’t really get to know our characters or who they are outside of their current reality; even the main character’s lack of an actual name leaves a sense of detachment between audience and film. 

That said,Tenet’s fast-paced, mysterious nature means that there’s almost no time to consider the hows and whys and instead you’ll find yourself running along with all that is thrown at you.

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