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Richard McCann tests the all new Peugeot 508

peugeot_new_508_red_rear_view.381206.43.jpgWorth the Wait? The All-New 508 Tested!

Picture the scene. Dark. Freezing rain. Narrow lanes on busy motorway. Variable speed limits. All the ingredients for a nightmare three-hour journey and a monster headache. So how did I arrive fresh and smiling? Peugeot’s new 508 that’s how!

This stylish beauty cosseted me the whole way. As well as luxuries such as quilted leather seats with heaters, climate control, and DAB radio to soothe the driver there was a heated screen to deal with the freezing rain, three suspension settings to allow me to select ‘comfort’ plus and best of all – active cruise and lane control!

Let me explain. You know how the motorway gantry signs yo-yo from 70 to 60 then down to 40, back up to 70 and suddenly down to 50 again? And how if you miss just one that’s points on your licence, a fine and higher insurance?

The new 508’s ‘active cruise’ adjusts your speed to stay within prevailing limits (or below if you prefer, of course) and – here’s the really clever bit – automatically slows if another vehicle pulls out in front, then resumes your chosen speed as the obstruction clears. There’s also automatic headlamp dip/main beam which sounds like a gimmick but which actually works well most of the time.

The cruise is all controlled from a multi-function stalk with buttons and a thumbwheel on top, below, behind, on the end… and the whole thing totally hidden from view behind the steering wheel! Not the best bit of design ever…

The 508 is a breath of fresh air in an SUV-obsessed marketplace – it’s stylish, nimble, and roomy with fine roadholding and ride. The cutting-edge design has won a ‘car of the year’ style award.
Passengers loved the luxurious diamond-stitched (like a Bentley Continental GT Mulliner!) leather-lined cabin and more performance than most of us will ever need (155 mph from the GT) is allied to excellent fuel economy; the official figures show 39.6 for the petrol motor which I easily bettered, and there’s 50+ mpg from the oil-burner.   

And if you like gadgets – You want it? You can have it! With mood lighting, massage seats, park assist, SmartPhone charging plate, 3D navigation… you get the idea.

Peugeot tells me that packages start at £299 pm subject to status. 48 months 5.9% APR.

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