In The Stars - FebMar 2021

Your horoscopes for February and March with Howard Parker, the Astro-Guide.

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Flavour of the Times - February, in particular, is really going to be a very interesting month and in some ways the new year starts on or around the Aquarius new moon on the 11th. In Chinese astrology this is also the beginning of the New Year of the Ox, which usually heralds a year of hard work and effort.  Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn are all clustered together in Aquarius so look out for the changes that this very strong configuration brings. As I said last time, it is all about the new asserting itself over the old. The old will fight against change of course so, for example, the demise of Trump won’t mean the end of what he represents and we can expect battles to rage wherever there are combustible conditions. February might also be the month when people finally explode from the tension of the lockdown and the consequences of Brexit and demand something very different. The 17th might also be significant here and this ‘old vs new’ signature will be repeated again later in the year. It’s also  ‘put your money where your mouth is’ time so if you believe strongly in making the world a better place, there’s never been a better to time to do something about it! But it won’t be easy, even if the ox patience is personified. March changes the flavour a little as the new moon in Pisces on the 13th will be all about what you need to get rid of before the new astrological year arrives on the 19th. This year I would suspect that there will be many a trip to the dump as old lives are decluttered!

Depending on when your birthday falls, the things that are happening globally this month will also be affecting you personally to a greater or lesser extent, particularly if you have Aquarius, Leo, Taurus or Scorpio strong in your chart. If you would like to know more about this, I can help you gain a deeper personal insight by examining your own astrological birth chart.  Please go to book a session. You can also text or WhatsApp me on 07866 727743 or email me at howpark@aol.comfor more information.

Aquarius - February presents you with that rarest of opportunities – to be as Aquarian as you want to be. Let it all hang out, follow your nose, be outrageous, speak unpopular opinions, wear what you like, paint the bedroom bright turquoise. Whatever. Life is an experiment so if you don’t take risks, you will never escape the box you feel imprisoned in. Out of this will come some deeper hints about where your true purpose lies this year. Saving the planet starts here. March will be about weeding out things that may have served you well but are no longer relevant in these new times.

Pisces - Confusion alert! You really won’t know whether you are coming or going in February and there are no real certainties to cling to anymore. People are coming at you from all sides and everyone has a different and very strongly held opinion. It’s too hard to know what to believe so it’s best not to get caught up in it all. Conscious patience is usually rewarded by the cosmos and March provides the chance for you to become clear about what you need to let go of, followed by a surge of spring energy on the 19th.

Aries - The ideas and energies that are being born as we enter February are what you’ll be working with as winter turns to spring but, for now, it is ‘controlled chaos’ everywhere. It’s best to resist the temptation to take action too soon because things are changing so fast that it is impossible to see the full picture with any clarity. That’s when mistakes are made so hold fire for the moment, if you can. Early March is the time to put things in order ready for the spring take off after the 19th.

Taurus - Halfway through February, around the 17th, you will be receiving some sort of a jolt out of your comfort zone. That’s the mild version. Or it could rock you to the core and, what’s more, you have a whole year of this ahead of you. The worst thing is to resist the changes occurring and try to cling to the wreckage, especially as March progresses into spring. You won’t thank me for this but you should try to trust that it’s all for the good in the long run even though it may not feel like it now.

Gemini - February’s energies will feel like you are waking up from hibernation. The world is suddenly a much more exciting place with so many ideas bouncing around you won’t know where to put yourself. It’s a time to do some exploring and find a cause to commit to but take your time and be more thorough than you usually are. We are in uncharted waters now and we can’t hang onto everything so early March is the time when some redundant habits can be discarded.

Cancer - You may feel like battening down the hatches and bolting the front door as the winds of change howl outside. But there are people out there who desperately need your warmth and loving nature and working somewhere where you can be of practical assistance to people – in the NHS or care services - might be just what you need as well. Use the Pisces energy of March to relax and let go of things you know you cannot control.

Leo - Collaborative and cooperative leadership is the best approach to the way things are in February for you. Be ready to ‘go boldly’ into the future: provide confidence for people who are less sure of themselves and join organisations that appeal to you so you that can work with like-minded people who share your values. You bring positivity in these times of great uncertainty but personal challenges and obstacles abound for you so tread carefully.

Virgo - You’re going to hate all this! So disorganised, so much upheaval all around. You are going to have to make some major adjustments to accommodate the many challenges to the existing order that you see. You can make the best use of this new energy by taking all the innovative developments on board, particularly in the field of radical technologies, and seeing how they can serve the needs of humankind. Ironically, letting go is necessary to gain control over difficulty.     

Libra - Feeling a bit better now? Good. There’s a fresh wind blowing through your life and many Librans will have much to gain from the airy Aquarius tone now. Demands for justice and fairness have never been stronger so the new alliances and allies you now find will pay off for you as the year progresses. Be the change you seek and try to find the balance that others are struggling with!  Your role is to bring perspective to the new spring energy.

Scorpio - The exciting, bright, electric energy of Aquarius may not really be you at all (unless you have other planets in Aquarius). Indeed, you may well be emotionally rocked by what seems to be happening all around you, but when you search at a deeper level you will probably be able to find something valuable that you will want to assimilate into your home life. Uranus is still intent on giving you new shocks to contend with so float with these until you can deal with them in the spring.

Sagittarius - It’s not just you anymore! Everyone seems to have the strongest of opinions these days about pretty much everything so try to distinguish between what you believe to be true and what actually is true. How can you be so sure that you are right? Perhaps it is time to question some of the opinions you hold most strongly, read alternative and contradictory explanations and think it all through rather than rushing to make comments on social media! March brings new life to the year and will restore a spring in your step.

Capricorn - You might be in danger of being left behind by the ‘shock of the new’ as the tidal wave of Aquarius takes greater hold from February onwards. Even Saturn, usually your organising friend in the cosmos, is urging you to be more imaginative and think of new ways of solving the problems you face. In fact, what I think you will find is that the old ways aren’t as appealing as they once were a short time ago and that it is time to move on as the astrological spring arrives on the 19th.

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