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Your horoscopes for April and May 2020

Aries.jpegNormally this is your month, where you blaze a new spring trail for others to follow and there are opportunities to use the fire energy of this time to initiate new directions. But the restraining energy of Capricorn is still lurking and will strew blockages in your path while unusual ‘bolts from the blue’ will come in May. These are to teach you where you are going wrong so pay attention to them!  

Taurus.jpegAs Uranus keeps upsetting your apple cart, you need some time to understand what it all means. What is the purpose of all these incidents that are upsetting your way of life and disturbing your routines? The chances are that they are teaching you something but it won’t be clear what. May gives you the chance to change a few things to integrate what you have learnt. Use the Taurean’s famous patience to sit and ponder.

Gemini.jpegIt starts now but it is really only at the end of May, when the sun enters your sign, that you will feel things are properly going your way and your social life is opening up again. You may find you have an important role to play to bring in some spontaneity and make life fun again for people around you so use your charm and sense of connectedness to work your magic. The planet needs you now! 

Cancer.jpegThe world may well have felt like a raw and uncaring place for a while but you will have learnt that all you can do is to protect the things you have at least some control over. Try not to get lost in other people’s agendas and focus on where you want to go in life. You can take positive steps forward now so see if you can make a contribution to the healing that needs to take place around you. 

Leo.jpegUnless your aims in life are unselfish and will be of benefit to society in some way, you may be getting short shrift from the cosmos over the next couple of months. Examine your motives and see how well they stand up to that test. Odd, seemingly random, events coming out of the blue in May could shine a light and give you hints about the way forward. Leo leadership now is about bringing people together.

Virgo.jpegFretting and fussing about your health and income is natural at this time and maybe the virus will have brought up deep inner anxieties that so many things in life are actually outside your control.  But I am sure you will have done what you can so learn to accept how things are now. It is time to take control of the controllable and pursue the goals you hold dearest. 

Libra.jpegIt’s still a tough time if you haven’t managed to get a lot clearer about the direction you are headed in. And you certainly can’t say that you haven’t had chances to get sorted and know where the road leads! Luckily, the pragmatic energy of Capricorn continues for the whole of this year so you don’t need to be in a hurry about all this. Reaching out to people around you becomes more important.  

Scorpio.jpegDo you feel you are bashing your head against a brick wall at the moment? You have a strong urge to move on but feel held back. This might show up as health issues but it may also be frustrations in your day to day life. Some odd consequences may occur towards the end of the month that may be trying to tell you that you should change the emphasis in your routines. Learn the lessons by the full moon on 7 May. 

Sagittarius.jpeg You may still feel very tied down and held back but there is an internal world for you to look at as well as the prospects that lie further afield. Your social life will liven up towards the end of May but until then there are opportunities to consider which strange new worlds you would like to explore.  You can at least think about boldly going where no-one has gone before even if you don’t go there!  

Capricorn.jpegYou can afford to let yourself ‘off the hook’ this month as Jupiter tries to create good feelings all round and Mars sees you very active at home and at work, pushing forward with the projects you hold dear. April is the time for getting new things off the ground while May is better used to deal with the practical details and hard work that will be necessary when the first flush of enthusiasm has worn off!

Aquarius.jpegAt last, there is a bit of an expansive flavour to your world! The sign of Aries tends to activate Aquarians so inspiration may strike and get you moving again after that turgid, energy sapping winter you seem to have suffered. May offers lightning strikes of imagination and some quick-fire changes coming out of the blue, which only an Aquarian will find exciting and energising!

Pisces.jpegYou will have had no trouble these past few weeks letting go of things that seem no longer to be relevant to your life and you have probably coped better than most with self-isolation. But the spring is here and it is time to get moving again and catch the new energy. Use your instincts to guide you and you won’t go far wrong. Get out and about in your community to help the healing energy around you.

Flavour of the Times
The coronavirus has left us feeling isolated – with many of us lonely, anxious and cut off from social life. Saturn entered Aquarius on 22 March and things are beginning to change: we start to wake up to the consequences. We will all start to realise that we are interconnected in the web of life and that we need to find new ways of reconnecting with each other, both locally and also as a world community. Some countries may try to return to ‘business as usual’ but more enlightened governments will take it as a sign that we should find better solutions to global questions and a sense that ‘we are all in this together’. It is a radical change of emphasis that begins now and this part of it is like a film trailer – a sign of what is to come. Overall, a very welcome change for everyone.

Howard can help you gain a deep insight into what the most important issues will be for you personally during this period by examining your own astrological birth chart. Please go to to book a session. You can also call him on 07866 727743 or email him at for more information.  

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