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Your horoscopes for October and November by Howard Parker, the Astro-Guide

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Libra: The full moon on 2 October may find you desperate to rebalance your life and Mars will soon provide you with some energy to help you along the way but the changing scene around you will soon force you to re-examine whether this is really getting you anywhere. Then you get another chance at the next new moon in mid-October before we all dive into Scorpio and unsettling intensity reigns for most of November.

Scorpio:  You begin this period feeling as if you are dithering on the sidelines with not a lot of real direction.  Until November, that is, when you reveal your capacity to plunge deep into the darkest places and emerge, not exactly unscathed, but at least a survivor! Nobody is going to be left unchanged this autumn but you can live with all that and you know you have the strength to withstand all that life can throw at you.     

Sagittarius: You don’t like to feel tied down and love your sense of freedom but often you aren’t all that sure what you actually want to do with it. Well, I think you are about to find some strong clues this autumn especially as the transformative intensity of November will be forcing a major review of your life direction. Things you may have avoided will undoubtedly be coming to the surface and this time they must be confronted. 

Capricorn: You may be forced to ask yourself whether your direction of travel is the right one in October and your goals may start to shift significantly. There won’t be much clarity about this until mid November when the intensity of this month may provide some real definition to the process. You can be sure that, unless there is some sort of major transformation involved, you haven’t fully grasped the significance of what is happening.

Aquarius: Not yet, Aquarius! The revolution is delayed! This autumn is not the time for you as it is the natural decline of the year anyway, the time when the earth absorbs energy back into the ground for the winter. Patience, calm, tranquility, knowing that everything has its season, is the approach to take for these two months. Some gardening, such as digging manure into the veg patch (if you have one) to provide future nutrients, is good symbolism for the moment!

Pisces:  You might feel a bit ‘all over the place’ in October, which is pretty unsurprising in view of current developments but it may not upset you as much as some people because of your ability to float above some of this. The Scorpio influence in November is highly intense so you are possibly being invited to deepen a spiritual practice to gain awareness and perspective. Beware of conspiracy theories. Ironically, they are not what they seem!      

Aries: Your anger is going to get you into serious trouble unless you recognise it as a problem. Continuing with your headstrong relentless forward motion will only invite contact with a very hard brick wall unless you learn new ways of relating to the outside world. Action is not the way to change things now and it needs to be replaced with a true sense of your connection with people around you. Generosity and giving from the heart is where you need to be focussed.

Taurus:  The Taurus bull traditionally ploughs its field in the autumn and, particularly in November, it’s important to replenish the soil in preparation for next year. What that symbolism means for you individually, you will need to discover for yourself but you should adopt the general approach that you are laying early fertile foundations for the big changes ahead in 2021. 

Gemini:  You could be getting yourself into a lot of trouble these days if you don’t pay attention to how you are being perceived. Forget the jokes and flirtations, nobody is amused anymore. It is time to forgo the cheap laugh, the bit of fun, the off-the-cuff remark. Life is a serious business and many people are suffering now, particularly as November digs in towards the winter. You can easily be well out of your depth, Gemini, and it shows.

Cancer:  There is a danger that Cancerians will feel well ‘out of the loop’ this autumn. Your sensitive nature may make you feel the world is a cold and uncaring place these days with so many harsh aspects to it that you feel unequal to the task of dealing with it all. This is at its worst mid-October but may, paradoxically, feel a bit better when deeper emotional issues come to the fore in November.

Leo:  There aren’t many places for Leos to shine during this autumn. The summer is long gone and you must accept that your moment has passed for this year. The wise Leo will take a rest, recharge batteries and batten down the hatches to save energy. Everything has its opposite and for you it means a period out of the limelight, working in the background to replenish stocks and survive the winter. 

Virgo:  I hope that you will have put your world into some kind of order last month while the sun shone on you. The jam and chutney-making season should keep you busy though as the transition into autumn deepens. You may feel uncomfortable as November brings up some deep-lying issues that you would rather ignore with your busy-ness but they are probably things that have been lurking for a while. Don’t allow resentment to fester.

Flavour of the Times:  This will be a period when we start to receive more information about future directions. The outer planets of our solar system (from Jupiter outwards) are starting to resume forward motion this autumn so we should try to be alert to the hints that show up about the shapes of things to come. Jupiter is providing some acceleration and expansion but Saturn is putting on the brakes and applying restrictions. That in itself is getting interesting even without considering the transformative impact of Pluto in the mix! Anger and frustration is also likely to be rife as people feel the incremental strain of all this.

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