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Local Bedfordshire writers, who meet in Stevington, share news of their Anthology, Let's Imagine.

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Let's Imagine - An Anthology by Stevington Writers

A group of local Bedfordshire writers who have been meeting in Stevington over the last four years, have created an anthology of their work under the title of Let’s Imagine. 

Motivated by the desire to express personal experiences in poetry and short stories, and despite, or perhaps because of, Covid-19, they worked together to offer this collection as a testament to how much can be achieved even during periods of social isolation and uncertainty. 

As the pandemic set in making reality stranger than fiction, and daily life morphed into a a horror movie, what else could writers do during the unimaginable events of 2020, than turn to poetry and storytelling? Stevington Writers Group dug deep into the magic of imagination.

As a group which could no longer meet, they struggled to find a way to stay connected and give each other support and the opportunity to talk and laugh. Although writing is inevitably a solitary activity, people rely on each other to explore ideas and language. Sitting alone in front of a blank computer screen was tough. It was those monthly meetings which kept everyone on track. 

When our usual ways of socialising and spending time with friends and family were taken from us, 2020 taught us that we are connected in so many ways. Lockdown shone a spotlight on our absent loved ones. Like nature, we had to adapt to an ever changing environment. Taking inspiration from the River Great Ouse that flows through the wonderful countryside from Buckinghamshire to Cambridge through Bedforshire, Stevington Writers found new ways to pool resourses, float ideas and stay in close contact. 

In writing and publishing this anthology, Stevington Writers aimed to find a vehicle for self-expression, and, more than that, a motivation to remain involved and create something collectively despite the isolation and worry about health and economic survival. 

Difficult times demand resilience and determination. Imagination and words were used like a talisman against isolation. Sharing language offered comfort. But, then, someone raised the stakes. ‘Just imagine,’ she suggested, ‘if we could create an anthology to share our writing. Work together despite not being able to meet; find a voice even though we can’t sing; be a team player even though we can’t play. How good would that be?’  

And so, while swans built their nests, laid their eggs and hatched their young, Stevington Writers wrote. Ideas sown in spring strengthed as the summer sun turned fields golden. When the rains came and the river flooded, words floated freely. Brimming with ideas, awash with inspiration they shared poems and stories, lifting each other from the muddy waters of despair and confusion to the warm shallow beaches of summer’s haze. 

And now, as we move into 2021, this anthology is offered as a beacon of hope. A reminder to get together in whatever way possible. To stay well and resourceful, we need our friends and neighbours, our creativity and groups. Through working together and sharing things that bring joy we can reach out and know we are never alone.

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Stevington Writers is donating the profits from all sales to Bedford Food Bank.  

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