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The team at Graham A.Pavey Garden Design picks their favourite finds for 2020.

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Stylish Eco Containers
Over the years I have seen a variety of garden products made from recycled car tyres. However, as much as I felt we needed to find a use for this material to help the environment, none of the products were good enough for my gardens. Until now.

Tierra Verdecontainers look, from a distance, like traditional lead but are made from old car tyres.  They can be used inside or out as each comes with a hole in the base with a removable stopper for drainage when outside.

When using containers in the garden, unless you are marking either side of a feature, place your containers in odd numbered groups with each one in the group a different size. Position the groups in the corners of your paving in order to keep as much space available for seating in the centre. There is nothing worse than too many pots breaking an area into impractical sized spaces.



Glow Wellies
After attending the press event in London this year in search of new products for children, I came across these glow wellies by Town & Country. The brightly coloured PVC boots have LEDs that light up when the kids are walking and playing. Integrated straps help little ones pull up their boots themselves, whilst high-quality design and materials provide protection, durability and comfort.

If ever there was a reason for children to go outside when it’s wet and cold, it’s to jump in muddy puddles. Now they can not only jump in muddy puddles but also glow while doing so. These boots are a clever idea and a great incentive to encourage kids to get outside in the fresh air and also hopefully lend a hand in the garden. The only downside is that they just come in children’s sizes.
Raeleen Agate

Nemaknights1.jpgNew Generation Pest Control
Nematodes are parasites used to control garden pests. They are a useful tool to keep pests like vine weevil, leather jackets and slugs under control without damage to the environment.

They have been available for a long time but they have had to be ordered from specialists, kept in the fridge until ready for use, have a limited life and need to be mixed in water before application. Environmental Factorhas created a new way to deliver the nematodes without the need for a fridge nor mixing with water. You simply sprinkle the product over the soil and away the parasite goes. In fact, it isn't quite as easy as that but being able to keep them next to fertilisers and compost in the garden shed is a big leap forward.  

I say that it isn't that simple because you must ensure you water in the product after application.  This will help break down the protective coating and is essential with the slug and snail nematode as the parasitic worm needs to swim to its host. In this case it would be best to apply before rain, even in the colder months. By having them readily available they can be applied when the conditions are perfect.
Graham Pavey


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Peat Free Growing
Thankfully, we are all becoming more aware of our responsibilities regarding the preservation of our fair and struggling planet. Dalefoot Compostshave made a great leap forward in this respect with their peat-free composts.

Their products are produced in the Lake District using wool as a slow release fertiliser which then, usefully, holds the water for your plants. Bracken, which forms the base, has become an invasive plant in the area but, luckily for us gardeners, is a great source of lovely humus… and I don’t mean the kind you dip your carrots sticks in!

The range includes a variety of different composts from wool to the clay busting Lakeland Gold, bulb and even a vegan compost. These guys are so great that they are even working on peat restoration projects with Natural England, Yorkshire Peat and the Cumbria Wildlife Trust. So if you are looking for a replacement for your peat based products choose UK produced Dalefoot composts.
Amber Hine

Graham has designed gardens for 30 years, Amber Hine designs contemporary gardens and Raeleen Agate completes the team. For more information visit or call 07950 923051.

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